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Tulsa Lawncare Update - Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Tue, May 29, 2018 @ 04:32 PM

Tulsa Lawn Care Update – HOT, HOT, HOT!!


It seems that spring just passed us by this year!  We are, in fact, experiencing August temperatures.  How will this affect your lawn?



This fescue grass is getting too much hot sun!




If you have fescue grass in your shady areas, please bear in mind that fescue is not shade grass.  It is HEAT intolerant, which is why we plant it in the shade.  Because we have such high temperatures right now, we will have to water our fescue deeply twice weekly and also spray it lightly daily.  Grass cools itself by transpiration.


You know how grass seems cool when you’re walking through it barefoot?  That’s no illusion – grass has a cooling effect due to transpiration, and it’s much cooler than bare dirt and much cooler than dormant grass.


When you water the lawn, the grass roots take up the water.  It travels through the stem into the leaves, where it escapes as water vapor.  Kind of like the way the human body sweats to cool itself.  That’s transpiration.


On the downside, an acre of grass on a hot summer day will lose approximately 2,400 gallons of water through evaporation and transpiration.


NOTE:  in these high temperatures, mow your fescue grass higher.  The more leaf surface, the cooler it can keep itself.  Do NOT mow it short.


Looks like we’ll have a lot of watering ahead of us this year!


Read more about proper watering!




Bermuda loves the heat!  It is now growing 24 hours per day.  But it requires a LOT of water, due to transpiration and evaporation.  Twice weekly soakings are in order.  If you see areas browning or wilting, soak it good!




Flowers, shrubs and trees will also need special attention to watering.  Pay attention to trees with the smallest leaves, like river birch and cypress and dawn redwoods.  If you notice leaf drop, soak the area around the tree.


Flowers or other plants near hot sidewalks may need extra water, also.

















These coleus plants show leaf curling, due to the heat.  They get morning sun only.  Last year, I had coleus in the exact same place, and I didn't see leaf curl until late August!  These need to be watered daily in this heat!


TAKE CARE OF YOU - Be sure you stay hydrated when working in the yard!! 





Ticks seem to be a big problem this year.  If you have pets, you can find something at your lawn and garden store to keep them at bay.  If you don’t want to mess with it yourself, just give us a call and we can do a flea and tick application for one and a half times your regular application price.  Our application will last approximately 30 days, the same as the products you’ll find in the stores.




This is Wilfred.  He's keeping a positive attitude that we will get much needed rain to cool things down!