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Leaf Removal Service - Lawn Care Tips - Leaf Removal is Essential

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Tue, Nov 15, 2011 @ 02:22 PM

fallen leaves on grass 

Everybody loves the crisp fall weather, the trees turning colors, the leaves falling – it’s just a nice atmosphere.  And who hasn’t played in a big pile of leaves?


But no matter how fun that is, leaf removal is usually just one big pain in the butt!  I have this electric thing that sucks up leaves and grinds them up into a bag, and it’s great! The problem is you’re never done.  Different trees lose their leaves at different stages, so some drop them this week, some next week, some next month.  And our high winds blow your neighbor’s leaves onto your property, against your house, your fence, your garage door…it’s never ending!


But leaving leaves on your grass can seriously damage your turf, leaving it open for insect infestations and disease problems.  Grass needs sunlight and oxygen.


If you have fescue grass, it is doubly important to keep the leaves off of it, especially if you overseeded it this fall.   


In Oklahoma, we live in a transition zone, which means it’s really too hot for fescue grass. So we have to live with planting our fescue in the shade, and having some of it die in the summer.  Fescue’s growing season starts in the fall, and it will remain green and pretty through most of the winter. 


All grass needs sunlight to live.  No grass will grow in total, heavy shade.  In the fall, when the leaves are off the trees, fescue soaks up the sun and makes food through the process of photosynthesis, storing carbohydrates to sustain it through the shade and the heat of next summer.


Obviously, if your fescue is covered in leaves, it can’t get the sunlight to make the photosynthesis process work and make food for itself.  And if you have newly seeded fescue, all it takes is about 5 days of being covered in leaves to make the new seedlings wilt, turn pale, and die.


But don’t rake up the leaves if you have new fescue seedlings, ‘cuz you’ll just pull them up!  Blow the leaves off the fescue, and then bag them up or mulch them or whatever you usually do with your leaves.


At GreenGrass, we offer optional leaf removal services to current customers on our Lawn Care program, or our Mowing or Maintenance program.   Leaf removal is available for our customers in both Tulsa & OKC.  Cost is $35 per man hour.  Get a free estimate for Lawn Care or Mowing and Maintenance, or just read more about our Tulsa Lawn Care Program or our OKC Mowing and Maintenance.


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