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Tulsa Lawn Care April Update – Poa Annua and Soggy Lawns

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Thu, Apr 02, 2020 @ 02:39 PM

Tulsa Lawn Care April Update – Poa Annua and Soggy Lawns




At this time of year, the bermuda grass is beginning to come out of dormancy and starting to green up.  But, bermuda likes hot weather and lots of sun.  If our rainy, cloudy weather pattern persists, it may take a little longer than usual.


bermuda apr


The fescue grass, on the other hand, is looking fabulous!  Fescue thrives at this time of year because the leaves are not fully out on the trees yet, so the fescue gets plenty of sun, and the temperatures are still cool. 

We’ve had a lot of rain this year already, and you may have a soggy lawn, or even standing water, especially in the ditches, depending on how good the drainage is in your neighborhood.  This is a big pain when you’re trying to mow without making ruts in the lawn!  If you have excellent drainage, lucky you!!


April Fescue Grass




With the amount of rain and soggy lawns, grassy weeds are going to be a problem this year.  Poa annua  (also called annual bluegrass) likes moist soil, and we have seen a ton of it!  Nutsedge may be a problem as well because it is a water grass.  Sometimes it seems like weeds come out of nowhere, but wind and rain scatter weed seeds everywhere!


Poa Annua Apr

                                                        Poa Annua




Proper mowing procedures are extremely important to weed control.  You should mow often enough that you don’t have to bag the clippings.  (And we know that’s not possible when it’s raining every day! )  Please visit our “Mowing” page for more information!





The shape your yard was in when you started our program will determine how quickly your lawn will respond to treatments.  It would be really nice if one or two applications would get rid of all the weeds, but unfortunately that is not likely!  Please be patient with your lawn.  You should notice an improvement with each application.  Also, when we treat weeds, they will not just disappear.  In cooler temperatures, they may not even turn brown.  Even though they don’t look dead, they are. 


We encourage you to visit our “Your Lawn” page for information that will help your lawn look great! 


Thank you all for choosing GreenGrass Lawn Care!  Take care, and be safe!


Don’t forget to go outside on Tuesday April 7 at 9:35 p.m. to see the Supermoon, the biggest full moon of the year and also the Paschal Full Moon, which is the first full moon of the spring.




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