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GreenGrass Lawn Care Gets New Look in Tulsa

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Thu, Oct 27, 2011 @ 11:26 PM

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If you’re a GreenGrass customer, you’re used to seeing our trucks, and if you aren’t a customer yet, you probably didn’t notice our trucks. We now have a new lawn care look that’s pretty hard to miss!


Introducing our New, Improved, Bigger, Better GreenGrass Trucks!


If you see one, check out the back of it to meet Greenie and read his astute commentary.


Why did we get bigger trucks?  The better to treat your lawns!  We add more water to your lawn application.  That doesn’t mean you get any less product on your lawn – you just get more water with it, which is more environmentally sound, helps water it in, and delivers a more dilute mixture to be as safe as possible.


GreenGrass truck

Here’s Dave, rolling out in the morning!     

No one is prouder of our new trucks than Dave, who had the privilege of driving the first truck on its maiden voyage, out to spray lawns.  Too bad we didn’t have a bottle of champagne to crack on the bed.  But on the other hand, Steve might have had to kill him for that.  Steve builds the trucks, and he’s as proud of them as Dave! 


Our new trucks are modeled after the old GrassRoots trucks.  Some of you may remember GrassRoots’s owner, Jerry Mosley, who has been kind enough to share his expertise with us from time to time.


Look for a new GreenGrass truck in your neighborhood, and wave at Dave!  (Okay, it might not be Dave – he can only drive one truck at a time…)

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    King Steve, Builder of Trucks

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