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Lawn Care Tips - Make Your Tulsa Lawn Beautiful in May

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Mon, Apr 30, 2012 @ 02:49 PM

House with beautiful green lawn

We've had a lovely spring here in Tulsa and Oklahoma City with above-average temperatures and an early season.  Unfortunately, the weeds were early, too, but hopefully you've had some pre-emergents  and post-emergent weed control by now and that's under control.


What else can you do to make your lawn look better than the rest on the block?  Here are a few suggestions:


1.  Scalp your lawn.  If you haven't already, mow your bermuda or zoysia lawn on your mower's lowest setting.  Bag the clippings, (or rake them up) and remove them.  The sun will warm the soil more quickly for a better, faster green up.  If your lawn is really high, scalp in 2 mowings - mow it, and then in a couple days mow it on the lowest setting.   Scalping in the spring is NOT for fescue lawns.


2.  Mow your fescue at 3-4 inches.  If you have both bermuda and fescue in your lawn, don't mow the fescue at the same height as the bermuda.  Fescue's growing season is different than that of bermuda.  Right now, the fescue needs to stay longer, so that it has more leaf surface with which to make food for itself.


3. Be sure your mower blade is sharp.  Sharpen your blade yourself, or take it to a mower shop to have it sharpened, or buy a new one.  A dull blade will tear your grass, causing it to look brown after you mow and inviting insect or disease infestations.


4. Mow properly.  The biggest lawn care mistake we see is homeowners not mowing frequently enough.  We know you're busy!  But if you only mow it twice per month, your lawn won't look very good.  You should never mow off more than 1/3 of the height of the grass blade.  If you mow frequently enough that you don't have to bag it, (no clumps of cut grass on the lawn,)  then you're doing fine!  An added bonus is that NOT bagging recycles the fertilizer and nutrients in the grass cuttings back to the lawn.  Frequent mowing also helps weed control and helps bermuda grass spread and thicken.  Read more about proper mowing.  


5. Be sure your lawn gets at least 1" to 1 1/2" of water per week.  At this time of year, adequate rainfall usually isn't a problem.  However, if we don't have rain, or if it's extremely windy, be sure to water your lawn.  Wind can dry out a landscape faster than heat.  Read more about proper watering.  Read more about proper watering.

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