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Tulsa Lawn Care Update - Leaves on Fescue

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Fri, Dec 05, 2014 @ 10:31 AM

leaves on fescue grass


Wow!  Tulsa lawn care is fun, huh?  I love having a variety of trees in my yard.  But the problem with that is that all the leaves fall at different times.  We have a monstrous sycamore in the back that drops them all over our property.  We have burr oaks that drop acorns the size of golf balls and then drop huge leaves on top of them so you can't see the acorns and constantly twist your ankle on them.  We have some oak trees that haven't dropped their leaves yet.


About a week ago, one very windy night, our lovely maples seemed to drop ALL their leaves overnight.  The result is the picture above.  With the holidays, I just didn't get around to getting them up.  HUGE mistake!  Last Sunday I spent 7 hours sucking up and mulching leaves and then, at twilight, out of desperation, I just started scooping them up and dumping them in drum liner bags.  What a mess!  And I still have a huge pile in the yard.





By the time I got around to getting my leaves up, if you looked closely, you could see the fescue under the leaves starting to yellow.  Not good.


FESCUE NEEDS SUNLIGHT this time of year to manufacture carbohydrates to store up to get it through the hot summer.  If leaves are covering your fescue, it can't photosynthesize the sunlight, and it will die.


I understand that the weather can be crummy and wet, but when we have a nice day, blow them off your fescue, even if you just blow them to a bermuda area. FESCUE NEEDS THE SUN while the leaves are off the trees.


In the Tulsa area, our fescue is usually in the shade during the summer.  People think fescue is "shade grass."  It's only shade grass in zones where it gets too hot for it to be in the direct sun in the summer.  And it only survives shade because it gets sunlight in the winter when the leaves are off the trees.  Make sense?


So do your fescue a favor - keeps the leaves off of it, and it will fare much better in the summer heat.


Read more about fescue grass overseeding and care, and shade areas in your yard.


Check out this cool pic I took in my neighbor's yard after our first frost!


fall freeze effect on bermuda


This is frost "damage" on bermuda.  Actually, it doesn't damage it, it just looks funky!  Many customers will call and ask what's wrong with their bermuda grass when they see this, but everything's fine.  The first frost just makes part of the bermuda go dormant sooner than the rest.


Happy December!



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