About GreenGrass Lawn Care

Our mission statement:  “We firmly believe that anyone can have fun and make money at the same time!”

Dave Morrison, an entrepreneur, started his own company in 1996, mowing lawns out of the back of a pickup.  He remembers plugging in his electric blower in customers’ garages.  As his business grew, his customers began requesting other services, which he happily added, including weed control and fertilization. 

In 2009, Dave shifted to concentrating on full-scale lawn care service. He had studied the lawn care market for years and decided that there was a real need for a grassroots lawn care company that sold guaranteed weed control and fertilizer programs, consisting of just 6 applications.
Dave Morrison, GreenGrass Lawn Care


So Dave is rewinding the clock a little, offering completely affordable weed control and fertilizer to give you green grass, no weeds.  He and his employees are also dedicated to providing the most free services with your lawn care program of any Oklahoma lawn care company, a wide range of additional services, and the best customer service.  They will do their utmost to make your yard look its best and, of course, have fun doing it!

                                                                                             Dave Morrison, at your service


 Barney - smooth-haired St. Bernard

Dave's dog Barney isn't as enthusiastic about lawn care as Dave is.



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