Genus: Trifolium (tri because they have 3 leaves)

white clover

Family:  Fabaceae

Flower:  Red, yellow, purple, white

Native to:  all or most of the world

Type of weed:  Broadleaf


GreenGrass treats with:    Post-emergent weed control


Over the counter treatment:  a weed control product containing dicamba or MCPP.  NOTE: Always read the product label to see what it controls, what you can put it on, and how to apply it.


Trivia:   “To be in clover” means to live a carefree life, which probably originated from the fact that clover is used to fatten cattle. A shamrock (3-leaf white clover) is the symbol of Ireland and of AerLingus, the Irish airlines, and also the Aryan Brotherhood which is believed to have been formed by a group of Irish bikers!


Everyone knows what clover is, and we’ve all probably searched for one with four leaves.  But, actually there are over 300 different species of clover, and it can be very invasive in a lawn.  It’s drought-resistant, making it good forage for livestock, but a survivalist in your lawn!  Depending on the species, clover is either annual, biennial, or a short-lived perennial.  Luckily, it’s fairly easy to eradicate with a good weed control program.


The 1st, 2nd and 6th applications of our program contain a blanket weed control for clover.  During the summer, we just spot spray it.