Lawn Diseases & Fungi in Oklahoma Lawns

Spring Dead Spot

Just when you think your lawn is doing great, up pops a big brown spot.  Then it gets bigger.  All of a sudden you have a LOT of brown spots.  What happened?


We’re going to try to shed some light on different lawn diseases, what they look like, why your lawn gets infected, and how you can help to prevent disease and fix the brown spots.


Some have no cure.  Some develop due to certain weather conditions, others due to agronomic conditions.


Here are some broad, overall pointers:


  • Choose the right grass for your area.
  • Be sure your grass is healthy.
  • Mow your lawn often enough.
  • Don’t overwater your lawn.
  • Don’t water your lawn every day, unless we’re in high temperature/drought conditions.
  • Be sure your lawn enjoys good air circulation.
  • Correct any drainage issues, especially if you have areas with frequent standing water.
  • Don’t over-fertilize.
  • If you notice brown spots that aren’t responding to watering, correctly identify the problem before trying any treatment.  You might have insects, not fungus.
  • It’s important to identify the causal factor and treat it as soon as possible, as mowing, walking through your lawn, and even running water can spread a disease.


On the right hand side, we are in the process of listing the most common disease problems that we encounter in the Tulsa area.  Always feel free to email us with any questions!

Did you know that the plural of fungus is either fungi or funguses?