What You Get When You Refer A Friend to GreenGrass

What’s better than GreenGrass Lawn Care?  FREE GreenGrass Lawn Care!

beautiful lawn 

What’s better than GreenGrass Mosquito Control?  You guessed it – FREE GreenGrass Mosquito Control!


Each time you refer a friend, neighbor, relative, acquaintance, or stranger off the street to GreenGrass, AND that person agrees to the 6-application full lawn care program, OR the 5-application full mosquito control program, you get $50 credited to your account.  That’s $50 worth of free lawn care.


Wow!  You could make a career out of this!  Okay, maybe not a career, but you could end up getting your lawn care or mosquito control absolutely free.  And “absolutely free” is amazingly  easy to fit into your budget!


If you’d like, you can fill out our referral form, and we’ll contact your friends and give them a free estimate.  (Please let them know that we’ll be contacting them.)  OR, you can just have your friends call us and give your name as the referrer.  OR they can fill out our estimate form online for mosquito control or lawn care, and note your name in the appropriate space.


Then, if they agree to our full program, BAM!  Fifty bucks in your account!  And that happens every time.  Your mom and your sister take the program, too?  BAM! BAM! One hundred more dollars of lawn care for you!  See full rules and regulations below.


Full Rules and Regulations for Refer a Friend $50 Credit

$50 referral credit is credit on your GreenGrass account only and cannot be redeemed for cash.  To get a $50 referral credit, you must be a current GreenGrass customer, and the person you refer must be a new customer and must agree to the full lawn care program (6 applications per year) or the full mosquito control program (5 applications throughout the season.)  If the person you referred is already a current GreenGrass customer who takes a different service, or takes just a partial program, you will not qualify for a $50 referral credit, but you will have our undying gratitude, which is worth almost as much!