Flowerbed Weed Control

Everybody who hates weeding their flowerbeds, raise your hands!

weeding in the garden 

Yeah, we hate it, too.


So now we offer weed control for your flowerbeds in just 3 applications,plus 3 fertilizer applications to keep your beds looking their best!


We apply a granular flower-and-ornamental-safe pre-emergent 3 times per year, usually in February, April and November, to keep your flowerbed weeds down to a bare minimum.  This is good stuff!  The 3 fertilizer applications are spaced throughout the summer for maximum health and growth.


Does this mean you’ll never see a weed in your flowerbeds?  No, but it does mean that an hour-long weeding job will be reduced to about 5 minutes. 


Weeds are a big problem in flowerbeds.  That’s because you're constantly digging up plants and planting new plants.  If you’re always digging in your beds, you're disturbing hundreds of weed seeds in the soil.  Your dirt is literally teeming with weed seeds – when you stir them around, you see new weeds.


And, if you’re paying someone else by the hour to weed your beds, our flowerbed pre-emergents can save you money.


Doesn’t that sound good?


Get a free estimate for weed-free-er flowerbeds now!