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GreenGrass Is Your Complete Lawn Care Solution.

  BA Ledger Award
Thank you to all our Broken Arrow friends who voted for us!  We really appreciate all of you and are so grateful for your confidence in us!  Let's make it a great 2021!


GreenGrass isn't just a Tulsa lawn care company.  It's a family-owned business since 1996, and offers a complete, guaranteed lawn care program in just six applications.  Our program includes weed control and fertilization, and the security of knowing that we offer more free services for our full-program customers than any other local lawn care company if your lawn runs into problems.


Chinch bugs or army worms damaging your lawn?  GreenGrass will treat your lawn at no charge if you're a full program customer.  Fungus or disease outbreak in your grass?  GreenGrass has your back!  Grassy weeds invading in-between your regular visits?  No charge to spray 'em!  If you're not happy, we'll be back.


How much does GreenGrass Lawn Care Cost?  Prices start at just $29.00 per/application!  We'd be happy to give you a free estimate.


Up to 2000 sq. ft.

$29.00 special price for small lawns!

2001 to 2500 sq. ft.


2501 to 3000 sq. ft.


3001 to 3500 sq. ft.


3501 to 4000 sq. ft


4001 to 4500 sq. ft


4501 to 5000 sq. ft.


5001 to 5500 sq. ft.


5501 to 6000 sq. ft.


6001 to 6500 sq. ft.


6501 to 7000 sq. ft



Our full program (6 applications) includes the following:


  • FREE treatment for grassy weeds like dallisgrass, nutsedge, and fescue clumps
  • FREE lawn advice or consultation
  • FREE fungicide treatment if needed for diseases
  • FREE treatment for lawn-damaging insects if needed
  • FREE fertilizer between regular applications if you need it
  • FREE weed control between regular applications if necessary


Want more savings?  Refer Your Friends and get $50 credited to your account for each one who takes the full program!  Read the complete details!