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Tulsa Lawn Care – 6 Steps to a Beautiful Lawn

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Thu, Apr 13, 2017 @ 07:56 AM


6 Steps to a Beautiful Lawn


Everyone loves a lush, green carpet of grass!




While we are in the lawn care business to give you just that, there are some things that YOU can do that will make all the difference in the world. 


When you hire us, we do our best to keep out the weeds, keep your lawn green, and watch out for any problems.   We also try to educate you on proper maintenance practices, so that your lawn can enjoy the most benefits from our service.


#1 - Mow Frequently Enough That You Don’t Have to Bag It


Frequent mowing is good for your lawn.  Frequent mowing is essential to weed control.


When you let your lawn get really high and then mow it all off, it’s bad for your lawn.  Never mow off more than 1/3 of the grass blade at one time.


If you have 2 types of grass (i.e. bermuda in the sun, fescue in the shade) be sure you are mowing it at the correct height for each grass.


Read all about proper mowing procedures and mowing heights.



#2 - Scalp Your Bermuda Lawn in the Spring


Your bermuda grass has been dormant all winter, but the roots remain active.  Every spring, when there is no more frost in the forecast, set your mower on its lowest setting, mow the lawn, and bag the clippings.  Removing all the old dead stuff will make your bermuda lawn green up faster.


(DO NOT scalp fescue or any cool season grass.)




#3 - Give Your Lawn Deep Watering Instead of Daily Watering


Watering daily for 20 minutes does your lawn no good.  It wastes water and your money and encourages your lawn to have a shallow root system.  Why should the grass grow deep roots if it’s going to get water from the surface every day?  You see? 


In the absence of rainfall, give your lawn a good soak twice per week.  A deep, healthy root system will make your lawn less vulnerable to drought, insect infestations and diseases.  Plus, it will look better!


Read all about proper watering procedures here.



#4 - Be Sure You Have the Right Grass in the Right Place


If you are trying to grow bermuda grass in a shady area, or fescue grass in full sun, or fescue grass in total shade, you will not succeed.


Bermuda will not grow in shady areas, full sun is too hot for fescue, and no grass will grow in total shade, not even fescue.


Read about alternate shade solutions here.



#5 – Hot Weather Maintenance


When we get into drought season and soaring temperatures, raise your mower up and leave both the bermuda and fescue grass a little longer.


You may need to lightly water your fescue grass every day just to cool it off, in addition to the regular deep watering.



#6 – Don’t Expect a Miracle


If your lawn is in bad shape, it will take a while to turn it around.  Weeds won’t magically disappear.  Your lawn won’t be green and lush tomorrow.


But if you practice proper maintenance, and you have our lawn care service, you should see an improvement after each application.  Mowing and watering properly will speed up the improvements. 


Mowing is always essential to weed control, but especially at this time of year.  You won’t see the weeds turn brown and die after an application, like you would in the hot summer.  They will simply stop growing, or wilt and curl.  Mow them off, and most of them won’t come back.


And, remember at all times that we are dealing with Mother Nature who tends to be rather unpredictable!!