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Tulsa Lawn Care Tips for March: Snow, Henbit and Spring!

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Fri, Mar 07, 2014 @ 08:02 AM

GreenGrass sign in snow

March roared in like a lion this year and gave us a dose of ice and snow and some sub-teen temperatures!  How does that affect your lawn and landscape?


Actually, extreme cold temperatures combined with recent drought conditions can be very bad for your bermuda grass, causing winter injury and sometimes killing areas of grass that are thin or in somewhat shady areas.  The good news is that we were very lucky to have snow, which acted as insulation for the grass, so everything should be fine!  And we definitely needed the water!  If you already had your first pre-emergent application, the snow watered it in for you!


Spring henbit

But if you’re seeing a bunch of purple flowers in your lawn, you’ve got a case of henbit!  Henbit can be very invasive, although it’s relatively easy to eliminate at this stage.  In fact, the pre-emergent application we’re doing right now also contains a post-emergent to treat the henbit.  It may look out of control now, but it’s fairly easily controlled with this application!  Just remember: in this weather, the henbit will not turn brown and look dead!  And it certainly won't disappear.  You must mow it off, and then it won't come back.


We’ve been getting some halfway nice days with temps in the 50’s and 60’s and some good sunshine.  Don’t be surprised if you start to see buds on shrubs and trees, and you’re probably already seeing your daffodils and other early spring bulbs popping up.  Is spring almost here?


Well, yes…but don’t get overanxious! Spring fever can hit hard after being cooped up all winter, but hold that thought for a little while, yet.


I’m as guilty as the rest of wanting to get out there and start cleaning up flowerbeds and planting things, but we could still get a cold snap and wintry weather!  DO NOT scalp your bermuda lawn yet!  But if you want to plant pansies, that’s okay!


And if you want to blow the leaves off your fescue, that’s a very good idea!  Remember, your fescue may not look its best right now, but it needs that sunlight while it’s still cold, before the leaves come back on the trees.


In Tulsa, the average last date of freezing temperatures is March 29.  The record low temperature is -3.  Record snowfall is over 19 inches.


So, we aren’t clear of winter just yet!  Just hang in there, be sure to get your spring pre-emergent applications so you don’t have a weedy lawn this year, and dream of spring flowers! And if you aren't a GreenGrass customer yet, get a free estimate!


Oh, and if you can get out there and water your lawn, please do so!  It's been VERY dry.  If not, hope for some much-needed spring showers!  (Hopefully, without any tornadic activity!)


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