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Tulsa Lawn Care Update - Scalp Your Bermuda Lawn NOW

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Wed, Apr 08, 2015 @ 09:20 AM

SCALP YOUR LAWN. The best way to give your bermuda lawn a jump start this spring is to scalp it!  Simply lower your mower to its lowest setting, mow the lawn and pick up all the clippings.  Scalping is for Bermuda grass ONLY, not fescue which is looking quite nice right now!  Below is what your bermuda probably looks like in April.


bermuda apr resized 600


   Here is what your fescue grass should look like in April:


fescue apr resized 600


IT IS ADVISABLE TO WAIT UNTIL ALL CHANCE OF FROST HAS PASSED before scalping your bermuda, so bear that in mind.  April 15th is the average last day for a chance of frost here in the Tulsa area.  It is up to the individual exactly when they’re comfortable scalping.


SCALPING will remove all the dead dormant matter that has insulated your lawn all winter and allow the sun to warm the soil more efficiently, thereby causing your lawn to green up more quickly.


I know that we’ve had a good deal of rain and storms lately (I have standing water in my ditch in the front lawn) but scalp your lawn as soon as you can.  Scalping will also help eliminate a lot of weeds and make the rest easier to control.


dandelions seed head


I have seen a proliferation of dandelions, due to wet weather, warm temperatures, and the fact that many people haven’t mowed yet.  Henbit (the weed with the purple flowers) is quite prevalent as well.  Scalping your lawn and beginning your mowing season will take care of a lot of this.  We don’t want dandelion puffballs blowing everywhere, do we?


PROPER MOWING IS ESSENTIAL to the health and vigor of your lawn…AND to weed control.  Please see our page on proper mowing procedures to help us get you the best results from your weed control and fertilizer!


TULSA GARDENS – just a reminder about your spring bloomers like azaleas and hydrangeas:  if you are planning to prune them this year, wait until the blooms have faded and do it then.  DO NOT wait until later in the summer or you may be cutting off next year’s blooms!  Below is a picture of hydrangea blooms.


hydrangea blooms resized 600 

DAFFODILS AND TULIPS need their foliage to produce flowers next year.  DO NOT cut back their foliage until it turns yellow.  I know that many people plant bulb flowers in their gardens and then plant other flowers in the same place after the flowers from their daffodils or tulips fade.  But the bulbs need the foliage to soak up sun and energy for the bulbs to produce flowers next year.  If you cut back the leaves before they turn yellow, you will have a very poor show of flowers the following year!


CALADIUMS – although they are available in nurseries right now, DO NOT plant them in your garden until night temperatures are in the 60’s consistently.


Happy Spring!  

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