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Lawn Care Tips: How to Choose a Lawn Care Service Company

Posted by Kathy Wilder on Wed, Jan 30, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

beautiful green lawnThere are many, many lawn care companies in Tulsa and surrounding areas, and they all do weed control and fertilization.  So how do you pick the right one for you?


Well, of course we think you should pick GreenGrass Lawn Care, but in all fairness, there are a lot of good companies out there, and they will all be vying for your business.  What questions should you ask?  How do you know if one is any better than the other?


Hopefully, we can clear up a few things.  Here are the questions you should ask:


How many applications are in your full program? At GreenGrass, we do 6 applications spaced throughout the year.  Some companies may do 7 or 8 or even 9.  We believe that 6 applications are sufficient, and if your lawn needs something additional, it’s free.


Exactly what do I get on your full program? It’s very important to understand what your applications contain.  We include pre and post emergent weed control, fertilizer, and liquid aeration.  You can see the ingredients for each application on our Lawn Care Service page.  If a company tells you it includes something else, like grub control or lime, you should ask about that.  We don’t believe in putting down pesticides unnecessarily.  Grub control is not necessary unless you have a problem with grubs damaging your lawn (which is actually pretty rare.) Putting down pesticides when there is no need to is not ecologically sound – it will kill the many good insects that are beneficial to the soil and which provide natural defense against bad insects.  Besides, if grubs should become overactive, we will treat them at no charge if you’re a full program client.  Lime isn’t necessary unless you have a very low soil pH. Why pay for these applications if you don’t need them?


What is the application price and the annual price?  Are there any hidden fees? An estimate should include the price per application and also the annual price.  That way, there is no confusion about the price or the number of applications – it’s just simple math. If your application price is $60 and there are 6 applications in the program, your annual price is $360.  Some companies add a registration fee or administrative fee, which is unacceptable. See our lawn care pricing page


May I take fewer applications? Of course you can!  You’re the customer, you can do whatever you want!  But please bear in mind that we recommend the full program, because that’s what will make your lawn look its best, and we know we don’t have any unnecessary applications included in the program – each one is vital to your lawn’s health and weed control.  So, if a company tries to talk you into the full program, rather than a partial program, they just have the welfare of your lawn in mind, assuming they don’t include “additional product” applications like grub control.


Is there some way I can get my lawn care free?  At GreenGrass there is!  Each time you refer a friend, family member, co-worker or stranger off the street who takes our full program, we credit $50 to your account.  See the entire lawn care referral offer.


If I use your service, will my lawn look great, or do I have to do something? Homeowners can greatly enhance their lawn care application results with proper mowing and proper watering.  In fact, a homeowner’s good cultural practices can make a difference between a good lawn and a great lawn!  We have both mowing tips and watering tips for you.  All lawn care companies should make this clear, and let you know what you can do to help your lawn look its best!


Do you do free service calls in-between the applications if I have a problem?  At GreenGrass, we are always happy to come out at no charge for a problem if it’s not time for your regular application.  Lawn care is not an exact science since we are dealing with Mother Nature.  Be sure to ask this question, as some companies may only guarantee an application for so many days. 


If I have a problem with a fungus or with insects in my lawn, how much does it cost to treat it? If you get brown patch in your lawn or an invasion of chinch bugs or army worms, we will treat your lawn at no charge if you’re a full program customer.  Many companies charge for this.


Will you call to let me know you’re coming out so I can unlock my gate or put up the dogs?  Of course – you’re the boss!  If you don’t have locked gates or dogs and want us to just come out at the appropriate times and do our thing, that’s fine too.  All companies should be willing to notify you the day before or the morning of an application if you need to know.


Will the applications hurt my kids or dogs?  Most companies should recommend that you keep children and pets off of the lawn until the application is dry.  Some people and even dogs can have particular allergies that may make them sensitive to the material.  Some customers wouldn’t dream of leaving their dogs out when we do an application, and others leave them out all the time.  This is a personal choice.


How do I pay?  At GreenGrass, we leave an invoice on your door and you can mail a check, call us with a credit card, or go on our website and pay online.  Or, if you prefer, we can mail your invoice or email it.  If you would like to save 4% off the total price for the year, you’re welcome to prepay for the year.


Can you keep me up to date on agronomic conditions or things I should be doing?  At GreenGrass, we try to educate customers on what’s going on with their lawns.  We have our lawn care blog here on our website (which you are now reading) – it’s easy to sign up to receive it by email (or you can ask us to do it for you) – that will keep you updated on what’s happening now.  This is an easy way to alert our customers when we’re having a chinch bug invasion (which looks just like you aren’t watering enough) or when conditions are right for brown patch disease or Spring Dead Spot or Dollar Spot.  We’ll tell you what to watch for! This free service keeps you informed!


Do you phone solicit other services? We do not.  We know it’s very annoying for people to call you just to try to sell you something.  We may put inserts in with your invoice to tell you about our mosquito control or flowerbed weed control applications, but we will never call you to try to sell you something else!  Some other companies may call you constantly. 


Is your service guaranteed?  Can you guarantee a weed-free lawn?  Our service is guaranteed in that if your lawn is not responding to a treatment, we will come back at no charge to fix the problem.  Guaranteeing a weed-free lawn is something no lawn care company can do, because nature is out of our control, and the homeowner’s actions are out of our control.  Pre-emergent weed control does not exist for many weeds, so they will continue to come up.  Wind, rainwater and animals carry weed seeds around, and weed seeds can last in your soil for years and years before germinating.  A lot of the lawns we treat DO look weed-free, but we can’t guarantee it.


Am I free to cancel at any time? At GreenGrass, yes!  We have no written contract, but rather a verbal agreement.


Please feel free to email us or call us at 918-344-5737 if you have any questions, or if you’d like a free estimate.

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