Henbit (Lamium Amplexicaule)

henbit single flower

Genus:  Lamium

Family:  Lamiaceae

Flower:  purple to pink

Native to:  Europe, Asia, North Africa

Type of weed:  broadleaf winter annual


GreenGrass treats with:   post-emergent weed control.


Over-the-counter treatment:  we suggest finding a product that contains 2,4-D, or any other treatment that is labeled for henbit or winter annual broadleaf weeds.  NOTE: Always read the product label to see what it controls, what you can put it on, and how to apply it.


Trivia:  Henbit is of the same family as mint.  It’s a very important nectar and pollen plant for honeybees, and also acts as erosion control for crops, although it can be very invasive as a weed.  Henbit is also edible.  The top tips can be washed and cooked in a little water, before adding butter and seasoning. (NOTE: Never eat stuff from your lawn if it’s been treated with herbicides.)


Common henbit has small, distinctive purple flowers, rounded leaves, and a square stem.  It shows up in early spring, usually before the Bermuda grass is out of dormancy, and again in the fall.  Henbit is often confused with deadnettle, which is of the same family, and sometimes the names are used interchangeably.  Henbit is fairly easy to control when it’s young, with a selective post-emergent weed control.  Digging it up is usually more trouble than spraying it, as it can be quite prolific. 


The 1st, 2nd and 6th applications of our program contain a blanket weed control for henbit.  During the summer, we just spot spray it.

henbit no flower