Mosquito Control in Tulsa


Everyone has the problem, but GreenGrass has the solution!


Stop slapping and scratching!  Help protect your family from West Nile virus, St. Louis encephalitis, dengue fever, and eastern equine encephalitis.  Protect your pets from heartworm disease.


Did you know that Oklahoma is one of only 5 states that had only non-human activity of West Nile virus in 2011, according to the Center for Disease Control, as of November 1st?  And the other states are on the east and west coasts.  Awesome.  Let's keep it that way!  


GreenGrass offers a monthly mosquito control program.  We will treat/mist your lawn, shrubs, house, fencing, and tree trunks, which is where mosquitos rest during the day.  Applications are available May-September.


Since mosquitos are migratory, we can't stop one from flying over from your neighbor's.  But, ongoing treatments will prevent mosquito infestations from developing and will reduce the number of mosquitos that take a bite out of you.


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mosquito biting somebody