Tulsa Lawn Care Program

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6 applications yearly, and you get all this:

  • Most competitive pricing in town
  • Pre-emergent and post emergent weed control
  • Liquid and granular fertilizer
  • Service calls for problems between regular applications
  • Treatment for lawn-damaging insects, if they are posing a threat to your lawn
  • Treatment for diseases or fungi, if they invade your lawn
  • Top-notch, prompt, friendly service
  • Online payments
  • Day-before notification by phone message or email, if needed

Here’s the schedule:




Early pre-emergent for crabgrass & post-emergent broadlead weed control



Spring pre-emergent for crabgrass, post-emergent for broadleaf weed control, and fertilizer



Early Summer Fertilizer, spot spray for weeds  



Mid Summer Fertilizer, spot spray for weeds



Late Summer Fertilizer, spot spray for weeds



Fall pre-emergent for winter grassy weeds, post-emergent for broadleaf weeds and fertilizer for root health for bermuda, or fertilizer for growth for fescue.


Our full program includes free service calls for any problem that may arise between regular applications due to Mother Nature messing with us.  Speaking of which, the above time frames are guesstimates, as we are at the mercy of the weather which, as you know, can get weird in Oklahoma.


With your help, the GreenGrass Lawn Care program will give you the lawn you’ve always wanted – guaranteed! 


We say “with your help” because a great lawn is teamwork – your proper mowing and watering are as important as our applications are! 


Get a free estimate for GreenGrass Lawn Care!  Or, check out our prices!


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